Order over millions: e.battery systems manufactures batteries for electric motorcycles

DORNBIRN, 27.07.2021

e.battery systems GmbH in Dornbirn (Vorarlberg/Austria) will manufacture at least 10,000 batteries for the electric motorcycles of Swedish manufacturer RGNT in the coming years. The order is worth more than 30 million euros. e.battery systems developed the batteries to series maturity last year and has now also received the order for production. The e-motorcycles can be tested at the RGNT Motorcycles European Tour on August 4 in Dornbirn, the first time they can be tested in Vorarlberg.
The Swedish company RGNT Motorcycles is one of the pioneers in manufacturing electric motorcycles. It was founded in December 2018 by Jonathan Aström to build classically designed motorcycles with an environmentally friendly propulsion. RGNT unveiled its first prototype in May 2019 – at a time when major brands had hardly any electric motorcycles in their range. The retro-designed motorcycle was highly acclaimed by the trade press.

Exactly one year later, the manufacturer turned to e.battery systems, based in Dornbirn, to further develop the prototype battery for series production. The goal: cost-effective production, minimal weight with high performance, capacity, and the highest safety standards. To reduce production costs, mainly standard components are used in addition to some custom-developed parts.

Costs and performance optimized

"It was important to us that the motorcycle battery could be produced easily and with little effort. We have automated many steps in order to remain competitive in the long term," describes project manager Christoph Pürmair from e.battery systems. Improvements have also been made in the area of safety, for example by using non-flammable holders for the battery cells. e.battery systems concluded long-term contracts with the manufacturers of the cells, electronics and other components to guarantee the required reliability of supply.

The lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 7.7 kilowatt hours gives the RGNT No. 1 model a range of up to 120 kilometers. The weight of the battery is just 60 kilograms. It delivers a peak power of 11,000 watts. The top speed of the electric motorcycle is 120 kilometers per hour.

Multi-million order signed

Now e.battery systems was able to assure the order for the production of at least 10,000 batteries with a volume of more than 30 million euros. "Given the high growth rates for electric motorcycles, significantly higher quantities are also possible," says Christopher Schöpf, founder and CEO of e.battery systems. The batteries will initially be manufactured at the existing site in Dornbirn-Schwefel.

The company, which was only founded in 2019, expects enormous growth in the coming years. The number of employees is expected to double in the coming months from 30 to 60. e.battery systems develops and manufactures customized batteries for electric vehicles, construction machinery and industrial plants as well as energy storage systems for industry and commerce.

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