Let us Create the Technology
of the Future Together.

We are always on the lookout
for committed and motivated coworkers.

A Passion for Innovation

We don’t only speak about turning visions into reality, we put it into practice. We research, utilize, and patent new materials to develop battery technology which was not possible until now. We rethink systems, rethink electromobility, and link it all to sustainability. Why? Because this is our chance to make the world better, to improve the environment and the economy for future generations. We are convinced that we can make the step up from being an energetic startup to an internationally renowned leader in electromobility. And that we can do all this while using only as much resources as the planet can replenish. This is the vision we are turning into reality.

What you can expect

An innovative business requires innovative teamwork. Accordingly, we have dissolved classic corporate structures so that your individual competencies can play important roles. We are great at what we do, but with you we can be even better. You are our co-creator and kindred spirit. We want to build successes together, work on solutions together, and constantly speak to one another. Our hierarchies are flat – we all support one another and accentuate individual strengths. As individuals, each one of us can spread our message. Together, we are stronger, more innovative, and more successful than our competitors.