High-tech battery systems for worldwide deployment.
Battery systems involve an ongoing interplay between technology and innovation. We are at the forefront of this fast-growing industry, and know what needs to be done to drive it forward. As an innovative battery manufacturer, we develop battery systems for electromobility, solar installations and other forms of energy storage. The latest lithium-ion battery tech is our springboard for achieving the highest performance and reliability. Each day we tirelessly develop the components of our high-powered battery systems for the future of electromobility.

Battery Systems in a Nutshell

Simply put, a battery system is a combination of different battery modules. The number of modules this involves depends on the required performance, and the modules in turn contain lithium-ion cells. In these battery cells, electric energy is transformed into chemical energy during charging, with the process reversed during discharge. Our Standard Battery Systems are incredibly flexible and can be adapted to more or less every customer-specific situation. Their efficiency and extraordinary design set them apart from competing battery systems and help raise development to the next level. An example of this is our Battery Pack CooLi with a patented cooling system and a special narrow design making it a market-leading solution.



In our product range you will find Standard Battery Systems for the widest possible use cases, from home storage for rooftop solar energy to battery systems for electromobility. We are happy to enhance our standard systems to meet the needs of customers, ensuring your project gets the most modern battery technology.

From Prototype to Fully-Fledged Battery System

In developing our battery systems, we give flexibility the highest priority. Our battery tech can be customized down to the smallest detail and the widest specifications. We have grown in step with battery technology and have been part of its development. Our development team will accompany you on the journey to market-ready battery systems, advising on performance, lifespan, and robustness. We’ll be there with you at every development stage, from planning to prototype to pre-production.



Highest Performance
On the one hand, innovative technical know-how; on the other, efficient implementation. This winning combination has led to high-performing battery systems with patented cooling systems, intelligent temperature management and a long lifespan.

Modular Battery Systems
In producing our battery systems, we emphasize simplicity and economic viability above all else. Our modular concept makes it easy to implement, test and scale-up the battery system visions of our customers.

Ultimate Safety
The integrated Battery Management System monitors and controls the battery’s most important parameters. It prevents overheating and overloads, thus protecting the entire battery system and extending lifespan and performance.

Battery Systems for Electromobility

At e.battery systems, we have no doubt that electromobility is the future. We believe there is a suitable battery system for every possible application and have made it our mission to work on scalable, modular system solutions. With our battery systems we are able to efficiently develop customized solutions which are adjusted to the requirements and contexts of our customers. Standard battery systems for electromobility are expedient in terms of handling, precision fit, and pricing.

Our battery systems combine the best aspects of standardization and made-to-measure production. They are suitable for a wide range of application areas yet can also be quickly and simply adapted to customer specificities. In electromobility, battery systems are getting smarter, more efficient, and more practical by the day. Utilizing years of know-how and expertise, we produce lithium-ion battery systems for electromobility with the utmost cost efficiency. As a renowned battery manufacturer, we have decades-long relations with suppliers which guarantee reliability every step of the way, both in the electromobility sector and beyond.

Full-Stack Battery System Manufacturer

Our modular battery systems are designed for pure performance, produced and tested in-house at our development center. Each battery system undergoes the most extensive and state-of-the-art testing procedures, enduring the pressures of temperature shocks and corrosion. The latest tech is continuously integrated into our processes in the name of constant performance optimization. Thanks to an inherent flexibility we are also able to develop and produce customized battery systems for solar facilities or electric vehicles to the very highest spec. The vision of a greener future guides everything we do, so we also want to ensure our carbon footprint is as low as possible.

Our sustainability strategy encompasses everything from buying regionally to our recycling concept developed together with our customers. With our second-life model we upcycle used battery systems, extending their lifespan by a further 10 years. We have managed to combine our whole product cycle under one roof, from development to production, and from testing to recycling. This in turn enables a 0-km approach, keeps costs down, and lets us reach our goals in rapid timeframes.
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