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The Future of Lithium-Ion Technology.

We are by no means a classic battery firm. Our core competency at e.battery systems is making innovative strides forward in electromobility applications. e.battery systems is creating the future, with customized high-performance technology, revolutionary cell cooling systems and game-changing second-life concepts. e.battery systems is a startup with history; what began as a family-run enterprise in 1995 has evolved in 2021 to advance market-leading technologies with patented flexibility, speed and innovation.
We work hand in hand with customers at every stage from initial idea to series production.
Fast Response
We like things efficient, direct, and uncomplicated. Our hierarchies are flat and our workflows are streamlined.
Smart ideas need one thing above all else: core knowledge. This is in plentiful supply here.
What will technology look like in ten years‘ time? We are constantly following the latest tech trends, and the future has never felt closer.
Highest Quality
We firmly believe in progress and quality, making this part of everything we do each day.
We are based in an innovation hub, well-placed to maximize resources and knowledge from Austria and surrounding areas.
Innovation and
We are proudly implementing a scalable second-life concept, to boost the ecological credentials of electromobility.
We collaborate in battery research, development, and production with a number of pioneering partners.

e.battery systems: The Future of Battery Development.

Who we are:

e.battery systems is an Austrian battery manufacturer forging a new sustainable future at the nexus of technology and people. With innovative approaches to battery research, development, and production, we enable technologically efficient and viable solutions for our customers. We strive to make new breakthroughs in electromobility with our battery modules, improving range, charge times and mass production potential. Above all, we see battery development as part of a larger whole, so that a battery’s journey extends well beyond the production stage and into a sustainable second-life use, before eventually being disposed of responsibly.

What we contribute:

e.battery systems is a startup with history – we come with over 30 years’ experience in battery research and development. Technological advancement is not a side interest for us, it is what we live and breathe. By optimizing battery development, we aim to enable a global transition to electromobility. Our experts work diligently each day on new customer-specific battery modules and standard battery systems for electromobility. Each development project starts out with the question: how can we increase efficiencies through our technology?

What sets us apart:

Our modular battery systems are developed with revolutionary electromobility applications in mind. The use of well-established technologies together with highly innovative cell chemistry merges into stunning new advances, making us one of the leading battery manufacturers in Austria. We have developed a battery pack with an efficient design and patented cooling system, dispatched the first e-taxi batteries to India, and developed an array of 48 V standard battery systems for electromobility. We are driven by an ambition to be the best, with the knowledge that in battery development and production there are still infinite untapped potentials. For many, battery R&D is hard to grasp, but for us it is a daily motivation and a privilege to bring people and technology closer together.

Our Technology:

The niche and highly technological world of battery research and development may be beyond the understanding of the man on the street, but its application affects almost everyone. Battery systems for electromobility are growing in importance daily, and battery technology is constantly being streamlined. The benefits of these advances in battery development are felt not only in future years but in the here and now.

Rapid Charging

When charging is completed in minutes rather than hours - and the battery’s full before you have finished your coffee - you can thank the meticulous R&D of battery developers.

More Capacity

Faster, further, for longer: battery systems for electromobility are developing particularly quickly, so that they are within the reach of as many people as possible.

Extremely Flexible

We specialize in the customization of lithium battery development, seamlessly adapting our battery modules to ever more applications.

Our Mission:

How can we use resources more efficiently? How can innovative battery development help change the world? We ask ourselves these questions every day, because as an Austrian battery manufacturer a connection to nature is a birthright. As a solution, second-life use is of paramount importance in grappling with these issues. Oftentimes, used electric car batteries can still perform at 80% of their capacity. Second-life use enables us to upcycle these batteries, such as in energy storage systems for solar or wind facilities. Our R&D team is constantly pursuing ways to leverage the latest advances in battery technology in the most sustainable and economically viable way.

The e.battery systems Team:

We plan, research, and develop as a team. Only with this combined shared knowledge is it possible to co-create the future and push our technology to the limits. This slick teamwork is not just a nice-to-have but also benefits our customers by finding ultimate efficiency in the shortest time.

Customer-specific Battery Modules

Many of our standard battery systems for electromobility fulfil various requirements regarding performance, range, and lifespan. Other applications require specially developed components for a customized high-performing battery module. In developing efficient and valuable solutions we push the boundaries of lithium-ion battery modules when it comes to weight, size, energy density, and lifespan. From electromobility batteries to driverless production solutions, and from first installations to marketization, we accompany our customers through all phases of battery development and production.

Innovative Partnerships

Our many years of reliable partnerships bring no small amount of advantages. This guarantee of supply, quality and reliability enables us to develop our battery tech rapidly and economically. From the initial battery development to finished battery modules, our established network enables the sustainable use of resources, the pursuit of the most efficient solutions, and a pioneering approach to recycling. Our trusted partner firms share our fascination for new electric solutions and a paradigm shift in mobility.

The Future of Battery R&D

Back in 1979 the US physicist and material scientist John Bannister Goodenough developed the first lithium-ion battery and in doing so made a huge contribution to modern electromobility. In our own research and development of batteries, many strides forward have been made in technology and AI to make battery modules better performing, safer, and more flexible than ever.
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