Battery Research and Development

Open innovation for new battery technologies

e.battery systems is the innovation center for mobility and automation. We research new battery technologies and drive their breakthrough. With modular battery systems, we support the transformation of automation and mobility – with the help of in-depth domain knowledge and understanding of the dynamics and interaction of different markets. In our own battery research, we uncover value creation and optimization potential for intelligent networking and advances in the sense of Industry 4.0. We research new battery technologies for electric cars, driverless transport systems and energy storage systems, and we develop new battery technologies.

Driving new battery technologies to breakthrough

Innovation in battery format. Whether it is advancing in electromobility, options for improving habitats and resource use, or new approaches to futurology: When you apply know-how where it can grow, you will achieve goals that extend far beyond your own company. To help new battery technologies achieve a breakthrough, our research department focuses on finding alternatives to lithium. We are investing in the latest battery technologies and are already changing the way we consume batteries: away from disposing of them and toward reusing them. What drives us are the right questions: How can we work more sustainably and economically to reduce waste, protect resources and improve the cycle in the future?

Innovation as a service: We develop individual energy supply

We combine all phases, from the development to the production of batteries. We search for the best, most environmentally friendly variant and further develop existing technologies. We coordinate partners in development and manufacturing. Whether in battery development, optimization or assembly, anyone looking for an individual, innovative battery solution will find all paths and contact persons under one roof.

We familiarize ourselves with your company's processes and technology, bring the right development partners on board and offer complete solutions including production. In the end, this means for you: efficient processes and transparency from the idea to the finished product.
„Zukunftsweisende Produkte zu entwickeln funktioniert nur mit entscheidungsfreudigen Teammitgliedern!“

“We must rethink systems and move away from the idea that lithium is the basic material. That's why e.battery systems is researching precisely this area.” 

Christopher Schöpf, Founder & CEO
  • Have individual battery solutions developed
  • Improve capacities
  • Increase charging speed
  • Extend longevity
  • Improve safety
  • Narrow module design

Our USP: We can cover the broad field from materials research to systems research. Thermally conductive plastics or light metals can deliver good results in material tests, but they cannot maintain them in the system. It is therefore all the more important to conduct system tests with battery packs in addition to weight reduction and cell chemistry tests. In our own research and development department, we are pushing modular construction methods, laser welding processes and automation in logistics or production facilities. This provides customers with reliable total solutions for their applications.

Advantages of in-house research & development

  • We conduct customer-specific research to find the best, most environmentally friendly option.
  • We create competitive advantages through upstream development services.

  • We are setting the trend. There are still many unresolved issues for which we are developing solutions.

On the trail of lithium alternatives

Battery technology will continue to change. In general, systems should be as environmentally friendly as possible, even more powerful, faster and safer. In the near future, further developments of today's lithium-ion technologies will already be making their way into electromobility. Vehicles with battery packs will be able to drive further distances without recharging, battery cells will be charged faster than ever, and the battery of the future will not necessarily have to be lithium. If you delve deeper into the field of battery development, it becomes clear how much research potential there is in this area. Our task is to rethink these topics and turn them into real power solutions. We speed up the development by working on unequalled cooling technologies and pushing cell research for the highest energy density. Our flagship CooLi module shows exactly how this can look like.

Parallel to lithium, alternatives with similar or even better properties are developing rapidly. By now, our ideas are in development, testing and production phases. These are not just theoretical concepts, but advanced battery technologies for everyday use – whether in fully automated manufacturing operations or in electromobility.

Highlights of battery research

By covering the broad field from materials research to systems research, we create high-quality solutions. If thermally conductive plastics or light metals deliver results in material tests that they cannot maintain in the system, we can find a solution at an already early stage. In addition to weight reduction and cell chemistry tests, we therefore also carry out system tests with the battery packs.

Whether it's a small single-cell or an 800-volt battery, we offer the entire spectrum – from stationary storage to driverless transport systems, from medical technology batteries that measure brain waves to performance power tools in the flight sector. Either way, the focus is always on the battery as a modular system from which we can develop and produce all kinds of batteries. Because we are convinced that more and more new battery technologies will be used in the future, we are working intensively on second-life concepts and the combination of sustainability and economic efficiency.

Implemented, this means we have developed modules that incorporate patented, highly innovative cooling, such as the CooLi module. We are bringing current cell technologies to areas that have not been possible before.
"Wir agieren in den unterschiedlichsten Bereichen und haben durch Dynamik und Innovationskraft großes Potential etwas zu bewirken!"

“We have already filed patents for future-proof materials, which makes e.battery systems one of the most innovative players on the market.”

Christian Schlögl, CSO

Circular economy: Battery development in cycles

The idea of the circular economy is to reuse products and materials for as long as possible. Or, in other words, to create from one sector of the economy back to another sector of the economy, thus extending the life cycle of products. We live in a world where resources are finite, yet many economic models hold to short-sighted standards. There is no answer to the question of what happens to our environment in the end and what happens when resources are exhausted. In the future, this is precisely why it will be a matter of completely rethinking approaches and systems in order to do business more sustainably.

The focus of our battery research and development is the clear, actionable concept of the circular economy: We develop modular battery systems with more than one life. And we are investing in research into new battery technologies for electric cars and all chapters of automation.
  • Laser welding processes in production
  • Fully automated production processes
  • Robotics in warehouse logistics, etc.

A Second Life for Batteries

We give batteries that are no longer used in electric cars a second life. We extend their life cycle in terms of sustainability by using them in our energy storage systems.

Circular economy in battery development

Step 1
We push performance and efficiency to the extreme. Our goal: we bring energy to the application. When building our battery systems, we focused on maximizing the product life cycle. Through special design of new battery technologies, we extend life and capacity for more ecological and economical use. The opportunities offered by our industry with its innovation momentum are the greatest opportunity for a more modern, circular world.
Step 2
We are reviving the motto 'from old to new' in an innovative way: After their first cycle of use, we put lithium-ion car batteries into energy storage systems. We build so-called second-life energy storage systems (ESS) and thus extend the battery's quality of life. Instead of ending up in the garbage as an unused resource with a residual capacity of up to 80%.
Step 3
We research socially and environmentally acceptable methods. We repair, optimize and upgrade batteries, driving the latest battery technologies. Our battery research and development addresses essential questions: What are the most ecologically efficient mechanisms? What contemporary battery technologies? What cycle-oriented alternatives can we adapt?

New battery technologies and agile structures

From product idea to small series, we offer all processes and support modern companies in realizing their own Industry 4.0. Old structures are replaced by digital processes, new battery technologies replace old standards and introduce longer life cycles, more capacity and higher performance. For requirement-specific battery developments, a novel production line is used at e.battery systems. We run industrial scenarios in research and development to test the quality, performance and functionality of each new battery technology.

e.battery systems develops innovations and lives them. We work in a structured but individual way. Together and remotely. Digital process management is our key to transparent, flexible collaboration within the team, with customers and partners. Technical advances drive user-centricity, establish rapid developments and a global way of working.

Think global, act local

We specialize in building batteries that change the world. Research into new battery technologies and alternatives to lithium drives us to find new markets and exploit their potential for success. We bring global thinking to local fields and find their intersections. Other markets have different knowledge that can help optimize new battery technologies. To exploit the synergies, to integrate the trends and ideas into our battery research and development, we rely on joint ventures and cooperations.

e.battery systems emerged from a subdivision of Akku Mäser to make an impact. With a mission to change society and the entire economy, we research and develop new battery technologies. We are the showcase for future technologies, have material trends on our radar and evaluate their potential. The ideas of the future are created in the research & development of e.battery systems.

Co-creation in battery development

Innovation manages to bring together the right drivers and strengthen the best ideas. We use a new form of collaboration in which we actively involve our customers and other experts in the innovation process. The co-creation approach exploits the synergy effect when customer ideas and external know-how flow into product development. Customers know best what services and features they need. We use this knowledge for battery development and bring start-ups on board to strengthen our innovative power. Co-creation increases efficiency, generates feedback and lowers development costs. We live the credo of open innovation: You don't have to tackle anything alone if you have like-minded people and an open approach to your ideas.
„Zukunftsweisende Produkte zu entwickeln funktioniert nur mit entscheidungsfreudigen Teammitgliedern!“

“Our philosophy was already 25 years ago, at that time as Akku Mäser, reuse instead of throwing away. Instead of selling new batteries, the cells of old batteries were exchanged. Even before second-life became a trend, we built on this basic idea and developed it further.”

Christopher Schöpf, Founder & CEO

Co-creation at all levels

  • Idea workshops with customers, analysis of wishes, needs and opinions
  • Sprint reviews with the presentation of progress as a basis for the next steps

  • Testing and feedback on prototypes, recording results and optimizations

Promoting open innovation in battery development

Open processes, real-time feedback and insights that customers really care about. The Open Innovation method works as a flexible innovation system to develop the best solutions to real problems. It leverages the exchange with partners, colleagues and experts to take battery development to a whole new level.

Knowledge sharing: Partner for universities

Know-how, change and megatrends: Day after day, we deal with what the future holds. And not in a quiet room, but according to the WOL approach: Working Out Loud! In collaboration with colleges and universities, we share our knowledge and provide an innovative environment for pilot testing and a laboratory for joint research. This is our method to strengthen the link between practice and theory. We continuously participate in research series with research funding agencies and investigate energy solutions at the EU level. In independent studies, we have our technologies compared with others on an ongoing basis. Always with the clear goal: to find alternatives to lithium.
  • Drive innovation faster
  • Networking practice and theory
  • Apply for patents
  • Make better, faster progress
  • Build relationships with people

Electrical Engineering Dual (Degree Apprenticeship) Program

Do you want to understand and develop future-changing technologies? Do you want to change electromobility and the world with us? In the dual study program Electrical Engineering you get the basics on the way.

Location Vorarlberg as a promise of quality

Innovation and economic dynamics have always characterized Vorarlberg as a business location. We believe that one of the greatest potentials for the future lies in electromobility and are proud to be the driver of this dynamic. We develop innovative battery systems for the transformation to Industry 4.0 and draw on the quality standards in the state. As often as possible, we work with regional companies that share our requirements for materials, high precision, and sustainability. As well as like-minded people who continue to demonstrate their attitude beyond their own company.

Are you looking for battery technologies with individual benefits? For high-tech batteries for the future? Don't wait and get in contact with us!