Energy Storage
System (ESS)

The innovative energy storage.

How practical would it be if you could simply store unused electricity until you need it?

If you can get electricity from the roof even when the sun isn't shining and the electric car only fills up with cheap electricity on its own. When you have your own energy supply to cap electricity peaks. Good news: This evolution is not only on its way, it has already arrived. Energy storage systems are on course for the energy transition. With the help of sophisticated technology, peak loads can be avoided and self-consumption optimized. In addition, it makes a significant contribution to grid stabilization. Best of all, the heart of our ESS comes from cars.

Special feature: Energy storage system with second-life batteries

The concept is simple: be as sustainable as possible and offer as much capacity as possible. With this philosophy in mind, it is only logical for us to use second-life batteries previously used in car batteries for our energy storage. With environmentally friendly energy storage batteries, it's up to you when and for what you use your energy. The energy storage systems even provide sustainable energy reserves at peak times.

Award-winning Energy Storage System



→ 30 % cost savings

→ 5 % more battery capacity

→ 100 % fail-safe

→ Power supply in case of power cuts

→ 70 % reduced energy waste

→ 7 years guarantee

→ A self-sufficient energy supply

→  95 % efficiency

→ Intelligent charge management

→ Kicks in during power peaks

Areas of application

→ Industry and manufacturing

→ Electromobility

→ Building sites or mining

→ Telecommunications

→ Residential complexes

→ Quarter storage

Why you should choose second-life batteries

→ Governmental regulations around CO2 emissions have increased dramatically.

→ Roll-out can help to reach worldwide climate goals.

→ The footprint of every lithium-ion e-car battery can be improved.

→ The lifespan of the batteries is being extended until recycling.

→ Better EUR/kWh price situation by deploying 'used' batteries.

→ Significant governmental support existing and more to be provided.

The most flexible and adaptable system on the market today

A completely new, patented inverter system concept solves the problems and replaces the complex ensemble of various components. The modular concept uses battery modules with safe voltage below 60 volts.

We are setting the new standard for large-scale battery storage systems.

Switching between charging the batteries and discharging them for peak load disconnection is very fast and fully automatic - all this is handled by the integrated control system.

By using used batteries as storage modules from e-mobility applications such as electric cars, electric buses and electric machines, this concept becomes the most sustainable, environmentally friendly and innovative storage system on the market.

The system is based on a 67.5-kW inverter. Additional power can be added by expanding the system with additional modules and containers.

Track and control your energy consumption, energy sources and energy storage system in real time with our energy management system.



Accessible anytime, anywhere.


Application of the Energy Storage Systems

By storing electricity, you create your own energy supply that you can tap into at any time to reduce costs from the electricity provider. We use lithium-ion technology to create an energy storage system with minimal losses. The Energy Storage System is installed in no time and works without expensive expansion of the grid connection or associated costs. It can be combined with solar systems, wind generators and fuel cells, as well as with hydrogen production. Depending on the size, our employees install outdoor storage (containers) or indoor standalone solutions (server racks) in the shortest possible time.