Energy Storage System
with Second-Life Batteries

An innovative solution for sustainable energy efficiency

In the context of the global shift towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future, innovative energy storage solutions are gaining increasing importance. Pioneering inverter technology enables us to revive used and surplus car batteries from electric or hybrid vehicles, giving them a second life. These batteries become an integral part of our innovative energy storage solutions for industrial and commercial purposes, ensuring a sustainable and cost-effective energy supply.

Sustainable energy with expansion options

In Thurnau, Germany, a groundbreaking project combines sustainability and innovation. With an impressive storage capacity of 261 kWh, this outdoor stand-alone storage unit optimizes self-consumption and provides robust charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

The system can be expanded as needed to meet the growing demands of the company Hagos. Thanks to the monitoring of cell voltage, cell temperature, current, and passive balancing, it ensures the highest efficiency and safety. This innovative Second-Life Energy Storage Project contributes to advancing the energy transition and increases the degree of autonomy on the premises by approximately one day.

Project Details:

Storage size: 261 kWh (208 kWh usable)
Extension: Can be extended as required
Battery provider: Mercedes Benz
Location: Thurnau, Germany
Monitoring: Cell voltage, cell temperature, current and passive balancing
Purpose: Optimization of self-consumption, peak load capping, charging infrastructure for electric vehicles
Degree of autarky: ~1 day

As a cooperative, Hagos represents much more than just wholesale trade in products for stove builders; it stands for independence, market overview, and consolidated experience in the industry. We have summarized the milestones of the past 100 years for you. We offer comprehensive knowledge and decades of experience in the field of heating with wood — a concept that is both ecologically and economically sensible and future-oriented.

All-in-one system

The container is equipped with the individual modules on site at e.battery systems. The container is delivered fully equipped with battery modules. On-site in Sennwald, the electricity storage system is positioned and electrically installed.

The system is based on a 67.5 kW inverter. Additional power can be added by expanding the system with additional modules and containers.

The storage of the future

Energy storage or better known as Energy Storage Systems are the future of efficient energy storage and energy supply. Basically, the system is simple and quickly explained. Energy can be stored via the power grid or through alternative power sources such as electricity from photovoltaics to be used again as needed.

But why do we want to store energy? We can generate grid-independent power supply through energy storage and thus also fall back on this energy in the event of an outage. In addition, we can optimize our own energy consumption through so-called peak load capping.

The complete control and verification of energy consumption, energy sources and energy storage system simply works through our energy management system.

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C A S E  S T U D Y

Bischof Lagerhaus AG

A 20-foot container complements the operational building of Otto Bischof Lagerhaus AG in the neighboring Switzerland (Sennwald). The container stores energy, to be precise, providing a storage capacity of around 1.6 MWh.