From initial idea to battery production.
With battery technology developing at breakneck speed, the world needs ever more energy storage capacity. And as each project presents its own demands, there is a clear need for extremely flexible and specific battery development and production. The development of battery technology offers plenty of scope for improvements in charging time, range, size, weight, or efficiency. Whether you were ready for series production or at the prototype stage, we can accompany you the whole way through the battery manufacturing process.

Battery Development Process

The development and production of our customized batteries is based on over 20 years of market experience. Each day, we are driven by the ambition to find the best solution. From battery assembly to lithium-ion battery manufacturing, it is all about joined-up thinking, technical workmanship, and the courage to try something new. We were constantly striving to improve battery development for our customers, whether in functionality and materials or in design and sustainability aspects. In short, our battery development process is both highly economical and deeply knowledge-based.
Battery Development
For over 20 years, we have been researching the forefront of cell technology and production design. Each project starts with battery cell assembly; after ascertaining the customer’s requirements we look into the possibilities and employ the most innovative battery development methods. Even in this initial development stage we combine the best materials and technologies with precision craftmanship and customization.

- Advanced lithium-ion battery manufacturing technology
- Construction of design and mechanical aspects
- Conception and development of BMS including software
- Tests, approvals, standards, and directives
- Customized production design for battery manufacturing
Battery Production
Our team of experts undertake battery development with the utmost drive and precision, with the highest quality and attention to detail throughout. The visions of individuals start to become reality, whether small runs or larger series. Resulting from this stage are working prototypes, combining specially-selected materials with intelligent processes.

- Rapid prototyping
- In-house prototype creation
- Production of both small and large series
- Customer-specific end-of-line (EOL) testing
Customer-Specific Solutions
Battery development is always a matter of customization. As each project has its own unique requirements and stipulations, individualization is a key concept for us. Instead of off-the-shelf batteries, our lithium-ion battery production is tailor-made and specially developed for each specific purpose. What begins life on pen and paper soon matures into a specific battery production solution. Each stage of battery development is adapted to your individual project and upscaled as required. Here is a small selection of the possibilities:

- Cell selection and long-term contracts for all the most common cell technologies
- Efficient coordination with manufacturers of electric motors and converters
- Support in selecting the right converter technology
- Batterieauslegung in Anbracht an Verbrauch und Reichweite
- Suitable charging infrastructure
- Flexible packaging options
- International transportation handling
- Waste and recycling management
Where others may see battery development as an end in itself, things go much further with us. Our service is defined by a long-term approach: long warranty periods, long-term spare parts provision, and extended after-sales assistance. Long after battery production, we ensure a responsible management of waste and recycling, as well as repairs and maintenance.

- After-sales service
- Extended warranty period
- Long-term spare parts provision
- Servicing and maintenance workshop
- Waste and recycling management



Total Solution Battery Development

Lithium-ion battery production in serial quality calls for seamless planning and technically perfectly executed functioning. Whether it is in developing battery packs or electric car batteries, we continuously build upon and enhance state-of-the-art technologies. Our experts themselves take charge of quality control and fine-tuning, as nothing escapes their watchful eye. If you were looking to make your own ideas a reality, we will accompany you in all phases of battery development and production, from assembly to the first deployment and beyond.

Battery Research & Development

In order to keep pace with the demand for specific battery system solutions, our team is working on the battery of the future. There is still plenty of growth potential in worldwide battery production and we take it as a given that the need for lithium-ion batteries will only continue to skyrocket. Hence we are constantly engaged in optimizing battery development, resource efficiency and the latest advances in lithium-ion battery production. The key goals in battery technology innovation are increasing energy density, boosting efficiency, and reducing weight. Since lithium is the lightest alkaline metal in the periodic table and possesses electrochemical properties, it is almost perfectly suited to battery production. Its properties impact positively on lifespan, capacity, and energy density. This means we were banking on enormous potential and viable battery production well into the future.

Battery Production and Manufacturing

With the desired performance data in hand, we can custom produce all possible batteries for customers. Depending on the case, this may mean assembling individual battery packs, and it may mean commencing series production. Our specialization in lithium-ion battery production empowers the most diverse range of use cases, with cost-effective solutions, high performance standards, and flawless product quality. Lithium is a truly ideal material for battery production, as testified by its longevity of utility since the 1960s. The three biggest advantages of battery production with lithium lie in its high energy density, cell high voltage and long lifespan. Further benefits for us in terms of battery development and manufacturing include its inherent variability and flexibility when it comes to assembly, forms, and dimensions. All this allows us to adapt our lithium battery production to customer specifications - down to the smallest detail.

A One Stop Shop for Battery Production

We offer a comprehensive program for battery production, from cell assembly to deployment of complete battery systems, right up to disposal and recycling management and beyond. Customers who already have batteries in use come to us in the search for further optimization, while others get us on board even before the battery development stage. No matter which stage you were currently in, we offer you the peace of mind of our “one stop shop” approach. As well as the battery development itself, we can ensure supply reliability thanks to long-term contracts with producers of critical components. Additionally, both battery development and production take place in-house, ensuring joined-up thinking and unquestionably high quality standards. With a perfectly orchestrated team and workflow, all steps in our battery production process are seamlessly aligned.

Battery Production Automation

Automated processes lead to high quantities at low production costs. The example of electromobility battery development clearly illustrates the importance of automation: the burgeoning electromobility market would be nowhere without the advances in battery development. Capacity, charging time, power peaks: as the market grows, so do the battery development requirements. Meanwhile, in the battery production process, automation plays a no less decisive role. As elsewhere, the focus in electric car battery development is on the specific requirements and degree of automation needed. As an all-round provider of all elements of battery production, we can draw on our extensive research know-how, future-proof technologies, and all components of battery production. Wherever you are planning to deploy your batteries, we offer a full spectrum of services for specific battery development and automation solutions.
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