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For over 20 years we have been developing, producing and selling battery systems, initially under the Akku Mäser banner but most recently as a new venture: e.battery systems. With this experience in hand, our focus is now on the development of future-proof ion battery technology and customized electromobility solutions. Innovation is in our blood, and cleantech is our mission. Each day, we are doing nothing less than designing the future – with battery systems which break new boundaries in performance, sustainability, and scalability.

The e.battery One-Stop Principle

e.battery systems produces high-tech batteries with innovation, smart design, and technological advances. We have bundled together the best of two decades’ experience into an innovative new concept to speed up sustainable transitions in battery technology. We have gone from being a classic battery firm to a one-stop shop for our customers, serving all stages from conception to design, and prototyping to series production.

It is our life’s mission to take electromobility to the next level, to move people, and to create a new consciousness for li-ion technology. With our standard systems we aim to make innovation accessible for all, meaning everyone can keep up with the latest technological advances. At the same time, thanks to modular battery systems it is easy for us to meet the more specific wishes of customers in a cost-effective and efficient way.

Research, Development, and Production

As a leading battery manufacturer we see ourselves as a developer of future solutions. Each project is planned and implemented by our in-house development team, based on the most modern technologies and over 20 years of experience. We are there with our customers from the very first step, through all phases of development - from planning and design to series production. Each project is precious to us, allowing us to put our intensively developed concepts into practice. In this sense, e.battery systems involves an interplay of ideas, quality, and future-oriented thinking.

e.battery systems product range:

Precision fit, simple operation, and a diverse scope of application: whether stationary or on-the-go, our high-performing modular Battery Packs can efficiently fulfill all power supply needs.

Demand for grid electricity grows with each new advance in electromobility. Our Energy Storage Systems are the sustainable solution to meet this demand, storing the energy for exactly when you need it.

Protection from overloading and overheating is imperative for long-lasting and reliable battery systems. Battery Management Systems (BMS) are designed precisely for this, monitoring and controlling all important performance parameters.

Our Sustainability Commitment

With the goal of driving a sustainable future, we are committed to second-life use. The batteries currently found in almost all electric cars are typically decommissioned when still possessing 80% of their capacity. As a sustainably minded battery producer [SH1] we see it as our duty to utilize this huge potential and give these electric car batteries a second chance and a second life. There is a wide range of possibilities for where these batteries can be deployed. For us, their use in Energy Storage Systems is a no-brainer as this prolongs a battery’s lifespan by up to 10 years. And naturally at the end of a battery’s lifecycle, we take correct disposal into our own hands.

Our Guiding Principles

Open collaboration, integrity, and a can-do attitude are our cornerstones and core competencies. We work with our customers on innovative solutions in new fields of business and have a strong sense of responsibility for our use of natural resources. We see ourselves as a central pivot for customized electromobility solutions, which is why we assemble a specialized team for each tailor-made project. This ensures workflow efficiency and resource-saving processes.

The e.battery systems Team

e.battery systems is a multidisciplinary battery producer which has become adept at developing customer-specific solutions. At the nexus of standard systems and bespoke battery systems, we implement extraordinary projects across the world. The development of innovative battery systems is our number one priority at e.battery systems. Many of our batteries can already be seen on streets and in warehouses in various countries . None of this would be possible without a fantastic team of dedicated individuals who are making a sustainable future a reality.

The e.battery systems Story

What began two decades ago as a classic battery company is today a hotbed of innovation and advances. e.battery systems is in fact a start-up which arose out of AKKU Mäser. Since its inception in 2017, e.battery systems has already passed several significant milestones: from the world-first battery system allowing vehicle diagnostics during implementation, to the first battery-powered Indian taxis, to the patented cooling system in the CooLi Battery Pack. Ahead-of-its-time technology abounds in our portfolio and our everyday work. With a diverse range of standard battery systems – for AGVs, scooters, cars, motorcycles and household appliances alike – we take an all-embracing and sustainable approach to battery production.
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